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Good or bad support for relationships?

Neil, who receives support from Choice Support, feeds back his experience as part of the Supported Loving campaign.

Neil who receives support from Choice Support tells us about his relationship with his girlfriend and what he considers to be good and bad support.

I met my girlfriend at the Family Centre, Pontefract about seven and a half years ago, we are approaching eight years together. We see each other every Thursday and we socialise together at Day service on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We’ve had our ups and downs over the years but we’ve always overcome them. My girlfriend is my soul-mate and we respect each other’s space. We go out two/three times a year for a meal particularly on Valentine’s day and around birthdays. We speak every night on the telephone except Thursdays.

I can feel low in mood when I fall out with my girlfriend. This is when I want reassurance from my staff team. I will text, ring and talk to my managers and supporters.

Good support is when supporters listen to me because they’ve been through it themselves.

Bad support can be when supporters become nosey. It’s my relationship and I don’t ask them.



The views expressed in the Supported Loving blog are not necessarily those of Choice Support.

Contact Dr Claire Bates for more about the Supported Loving Campaign. 


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