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Katie...finding love through a dating agency

My family, Dave and I went out for a meal to celebrate my upcoming birthday.

I first joined Mates 'n' Dates about a year ago. Mates 'n' Dates help people with learning disabilities to meet others and form a friendship or relationship - whatever your heart desires, basically.

I was first invited to some social events, like karaoke nights, that they run regularly. When I went, I was greeted and welcomed happily and calmly.  I soon got into it.  Enjoying it and feeling at ease with everyone.

I was invited on a speed dating night twice.  By the second night I had finally found someone I liked called Dave.

For the first few times we met Mates 'n' Dates staff supported us on the dates and were there to reassure us both, if and when we needed it, but we soon felt ready to go on our own.

Mates 'n' Dates staff are always at the end of the phone or email if we need any help support and advice.

Dave and I have been seeing each other on our own for some time now and we have found we have a lot in common. I really love Dave and feel he really loves me.

Before I joined Mates 'n' Dates and before I met Dave I often felt lonely which didn't help my depression. I was having frequent admissions to the hospital and a lot of times thought what's the point in life?  I didn't see a future for myself.

Since joining Mates 'n' Dates, my depression has improved I do not feel alone. It's nice to also have someone who finally understands my depression. Above all I feel LOVED.

My family, Dave and I went out for a meal to celebrate my upcoming birthday.

My family all love Dave and think he is lovely and feel he is good for me.

I have to say that now I feel so optimistic for the future and can seriously see Dave and I being long term and possibly even settling down together.


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