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Second network meeting

Read about the second network meeting which took place on 31st May. The notes contain useful links to those in the Supported Loving network.

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You can download a PDF of the network meeting notes here.

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Second network meeting

17.07.2017 | Claire Bates
Read about the second Supported Loving network meeting.

Pride in LGBT relationships

10.07.2017 | Claire Bates, Learning Disability Today
Learning Disability Today publishes blog by Dr Claire Bates on LGBT Pride.

Sex and relationships

21.06.2017 | Liz Wilson, Dimensions
Liz admits she is guilty of double standards with her own daughter.

The importance of Supported Loving

15.06.2017 | Sue Turner, NDTi
"...a safe space to talk about relationships and sex – not to be kept safe from them."

Finding a sex worker

05.06.2017 | The Lady Verdin Trust
A woman supported by The Lady Verdin Trust wants to find a sex worker.
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