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Experts by Experience

  • North West

    "The staff are excellent, caring, understanding and provide an excellent service that goes beyond the call of normal duty."
  • Quality

    Listening to and learning from people and their families drives us to keep innovating and improving what we do.
  • The real experts

    We believe people with first-hand experience of health and social care services are best qualified to assess service quality.
  • Users join watchdogs as experts by experience

    People with experience of services are contributing to Care Quality Commission inspections.
  • What does quality look like?

    “Recently on a quality check we were visiting someone and they told us about lack of privacy.”
Latest news

Safe Touch – free guidelines

Choice Support and Goldsmiths University research finds touch integral to good quality support.

Alternatives to ATUs?

Choice Support CEO Steven Rose explores success factors in helping people move from ATUs.

Breaking the ATU impasse

23.05.2017 | Steven Rose
Our Chief Executive writes on ways to break the ATU impasse in Learning Disability Today blog.

Choice Support forms alliance with Respond

Choice Support teams up with the learning disabilities charity Respond.

Learning Disability Today publish blog from Choice Support

08.05.2017 | Steven Rose
Steven Rose, CEO, explores improvements led by unofficial social care policy.
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