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Feeling Settled Toolkit

The National Development Team for Inclusion has partnered with Choice Support and Golden Lane Housing to improve housing rights and security of tenure for disabled and older people by developing the Feeling Settled Toolkit.

This builds on Feeling Settled: a guide for those involved in changing a service from a Residential Care Home to Supported Living where people stay in the same place, which was published in 2011.

The new Feeling Settled Toolkit provides readers with examples of good practice and valuable resources for each step of the person centred Individual Pathway proposed in the original report. The Individual Pathway is at the core of this Toolkit, emphasising that although there are many challenges in effecting change, it is essential that the person stays at the heart of the process throughout.

Rob Greig, Chief Executive, NDTi says: “The Feeling Settled Toolkit ….emphasises how this is more than just a legal or bureaucratic change, but is fundamentally about using person centred approaches to listen to the person and ensure they end up with choice and control over the housing and support they want and need.”

John Verge, GLH’s Regional Business Development Manager (South), Golden Lane Housing says: "... we know how crucial it is to ensure that the right legal frameworks and arrangements are put in place to support these changes and we are pleased to be able to support the development of this toolkit."

Sarah Maguire, Director of Quality, Choice Support, says: “We have to acknowledge that older models of support sometimes hold people back, but if we have the courage to change how we do things we can see real positive change in people’s lives.”

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a guide for those involved in changing a service from a Residential Care Home to Supported Living where people stay in the same place.

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