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Pilot for new communication tool – MyChoicePad

Choice Support and Insane Logic are embarking on an exciting new project in Southwark. Fifteen people supported by Choice Support are going to pilot a new tablet computer and software package called MyChoicePad.

MyChoicePad has been created by the founders of Insane Logic to aid communication for people with disabilities. Insane Logic founders have over 70 years of experience of learning disabilities, speech and language therapy and software development.

MyChoicePad incorporates the symbols and signs of Makaton, a language programme that aids communication but is also compatible with other sets of symbols, photos and audio clips.

The pilot aims to train fifteen support staff from Choice Support in official Makaton Beginners Training and on the MyChoicePad  application. A Speech and Language Therapist will do pre and post assessment for language and communication levels for the fifteen people we support and their supporters.

For the next twelve weeks, the individuals we support and their staff will use MyChoicePad to create individualised communication ‘grids’. These could include a personal grid concerning a person’s personal hygiene, their shopping lists, or family members and community grids containing communication around planning a journey, or an activity or trying something new.

While the individual uses MyChoicePad it measures their skills to communicate, their confidence in Makaton and their knowledge of using the application. MyChoicePad also measures the supporter’s knowledge of using the application, their confidence in Makaton and how effective the communication is between themselves and the person they are supporting.

At the end of the pilot the Speech and Language Therapist will write a report on the pilot and assessments to capture progress. The use of the application has meaningful benefits for the person with disabilities, as it provides a means of enhancing communication in a personalised manner. Furthermore, the family and carers of the person also benefit and there’s an added bonus of higher satisfaction and engagement for the supporter.

For more information contact:

Thomas Doukas 
07894 566 844

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