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Raising political awareness

Congratulations to Pippa Gascoigne our Involvement Manager who has been shortlisted as a finalist for The National Learning Disabilities & Autism Awards 2016. Pippa's work in relation to raising political awareness has made an enormous difference for many people with learning disabilities.

These Awards pay tribute to organisations and individuals who excel in providing quality support to people with learning disabilities. Over the years, Pippa has organised events and workshops to raise political awareness and inform people with learning disabilities about their rights as citizens and their right to vote.

The events gave the chance to people with learning disabilities to meet their local politician and ask the questions important to them. This way, people's confidence has grown and they felt more included in the electoral process. Moreover, local politicians invited to these events were required to genuinely listen to people with disabilities in their constituency and act upon any issues.

Pippa created a series of easy read documents and guidelines to help people with learning disabilities understand the political landscape in the UK and abroad.

This has helped enormously towards political inclusion and many people to exercise their voting rights for the first time. Needless to say that Pippa's commitment to bring change in this field is commendable.  Her work goes beyond the usual standards of care for people with learning disabilities offering a unique chance to gain access to the often distant and unreachable world of politics that affects us all.

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