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Our Patrons

Patrons Carmel Kinnear (left) and David Sines (right) presenting awards to teams taking part in a Choice Support step challenge.

Three patrons support Choice Support’s work, Dr Nan Carle Beauregard, Professor David Sines CBE and Carmel Kinnear.

Dr Nan Carle Beauregard PhD

Dr Nan Carle Beauregard PhD was one of Choice Support's founders, and later worked for the Kings Fund and the US Department of Health and Human Services. Nan says "I am proud to have been part of Choice Support at its inception in 1984. The ideas generated by a small group of people have grown to have considerable impact on people with learning disabilities and their families, first in Southwark and now throughout the country. I am more than a little pleased to be named a patron 30 years on."

Professor David Sines CBE

Professor David Sines CBE, a former trustee of Choice Support, retired as Pro Vice Chancellor and Executive Dean for the Faculty of Society & Health at Buckinghamshire New University in March 2014. David says "I regard it a major privilege to have been honoured with the offer of appointment as patron to Choice Support. As a previous trustee I have witnessed the organisation's commitment to excellence. I very much look forward to playing my part."

Carmel Kinnear

Carmel Kinnear, an actress known professionally as Carmel Cryan, has a daughter with learning disabilities. Her late husband was the actor Roy Kinnear. Carmel says "I am so happy to be invited to be a patron of Choice Support and help with [the organisation's] excellent work."

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