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A Big Meet about living well

Everyone who came along was able to join in and learn more about living well.

We are Choice Support’s Our Rights Group (ORG) and we’ve just hosted a successful Big Meet conference all about healthy lives.

The Our Rights Group (ORG) are all people supported by Choice Support and we influence how Choice Support is run. Our Big Meet conference is for everyone including their staff. Over 350 people attended and enjoyed a day packed with healthy stuff at the King’s Arms Conference centre, Bedford. Overall we all felt very comfortable and that we’re all part of a large Choice Support team.


Barry (ORG member) says “The Big Meet was superb; it was a lot better organised than the last one. The location was excellent, the different workshops were great and the food was good. The people were very sociable and the transport good. It was very easy to move around the building. The disco was cool.”

Angela another ORG member says “I was so happy to be part of this. It made me feel so special and I made so many friends.  I enjoyed taking part in the activities and doing my speech. The guests gave very positive answers after the questions we asked. I enjoyed boxercise and seeing my support worker.”

HealthylivespagelivingwellvideoJoanna ran a sensory marathon where people with more complex needs experienced different sensory stimuli such as taste, smells and audio.

Leonie created a singing and dancing drama workshop about the benefits of fruits and vegetables.

ORG member Andrew says “I enjoyed the raw vegetable session. It was really good.”

Simona got people moving with Boxercise workshops, while Monkfish and the Josephine & Jack Social Club from Newcastle explored how to keep healthy with food and fitness.

For something more relaxing there were pampering sessions for hair and nails or playing Wii Sports in the games room. Dean Clarke from MK Dons Sports Education Trust were doing the real thing and kicking a ball in the garden.

Neil (ORG member) says “I liked the football, signing and the Jack and Josephine session.”

ManplayingfootballScott from SeeAbility ran a stall about eye testing and eye care for everybody. During the afternoon discussion time, everyone shared their ways of keeping healthy and well. To finish off this brilliant day, the Groovy Gecko staged a party with lots of music and dancing and karaoke.


Thanks to everybody who came along and to all the Choice Support staff who volunteered to help us out.

Our Rights Group
Supported by the Involvement team

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