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We regularly ask for feedback in our staff survey to keep improving what we offer to our staff and people we support.

In 2015, Choice Support gathered feedback from staff about how they felt about working for Choice Support. The results from the survey are as below:

“I have worked for Choice Support for several years now and I still believe that they are the best employer that I have ever had. Choice Support really does put people first and all levels of management are accessible and approachable. Choice support really values its staff and this is evident. “

  • 95% feel their job is important
  • 84% said they are satisfied with the service Choice Support providers to users
  • 85% said their manager is approachable
  • 77% feel they are part of a team
  • 70% are happy with their working hours and shifts
  • 70% have learnt new skills in the last year
  • 77% believe their colleagues are committed to doing good quality work
  • 82% feel they have accomplished something worthwhile
  • 55% believe there are opportunities for development and promotion

Some of the comments from the survey are listed below. 

Feedback on our culture

“I enjoy working for Choice Support because everyone in the company gets treated fairly and is looked after properly. My job as a support worker is really rewarding in so many different ways. I have told a couple of people to apply for Choice Support because it’s the best job I have had by far.”

“Choice Support have always been very supportive throughout my time to present. Any concerns or issues I have raised they have listened and dealt with the matter. For example, I raised a communication issue within the services, from a manager not support level. There was a staff meeting with Mark Ferry [Assistant Managing Director] and his peer and since this, letters are sent out giving the opportunity for staff to have their say. It's always good to know that there is higher support there if needed. I would also just like to say that since this I am in a new role now, supporting the EXE on CQC inspections, meeting new people. Choice Support have helped me to get to where I want to be, recognising my qualities, passions for the people I care for. Thank you so much, I really do love my job.”

“I enjoy working for Choice Support, I have learned a lot since working here ‐ very caring towards clients and staff, very professional, training very good, keeping you informed about what is happening. Clients appear to a lot happier, getting out a lot more in community, meeting people. I have done my NVQ which I don't think I would have done if it was not for Choice Support. It has made me more confident when doing my job. “

“My time with Choice Support has been a long time. I have been happy working for Choice Support. Choice has a lot to offer e.g. lots of different training opportunities. Very good communication with different staff and management. Able to call the office and talk to your manager ort payroll/HR, and also being in touch with any changes, information given out e.g. leaflets or hand out papers to read/sign. Getting to know the people we support and able to see changes as we the staff support their needs and see good results/choices.”

“Working with Choice Support has been quite inspiring.”

“I am very happy working for Choice Support and wouldn't want to leave. Staff are treated well and with respect.”

“Although I have only been working with Choice Support since July 2015, I feel strongly in its values and ethos. I have been made to feel very welcome and have been supported by my manager and colleagues. I am enjoying working for Choice Support and feel my work is stimulating and challenging.”

“I feel very confident and honoured working for Choice Support and I am satisfied with the equal opportunities they give to service users and staff. I will recommend the organisation to anyone who would like to be part of this charitable organisation.” 

Feedback on giving something back

“I personally think Choice Support as an organisation has looked after me very well.  I worked for Choice that long because I like it. I think I have the best job in world. Choice Support as an organisation values people, from clients and staff and communicate well with community. Thank you Choice Support.”

“Job satisfaction every shift.”

“I have only been working for choice for 6 months and I am really enjoying my job and working with everyone.”

“I started with Choice Support as a volunteer and then as a bank staff. I am a full time support worker now. My whole experience with the organization has been very positive.” 

Feedback on developing skills

“I am very happy with Choice Support for the training opportunity I received and the one I am undergoing now NVQ3. This has improved my knowledge and skill.”

“I have been here for nearly a year this November coming. It was difficult at first but I have had a few training sessions. I would like to say I have a great team who supports me especially when I get stuck.”

“I have been working for Choice Support for nearly 8 years & always have worked as a team. Since I was allocated the extra duties I have been treated as a valued member of staff and offered the training and support I needed by my manager. All I can put my view and with one word. Happy to work for Choice Support.”

“Very content within my role and have the support and encouragement that I need to progress with all tasks asked of me.” 

Feedback on career development

“Choice Support is an excellent organisation to work for and I have developed my skills and knowledge over the past years. I have been recently been promoted and will look to further my career as I progress within the company.”

“Choice Support looks after its employees and there are always opportunities for development and promotion.”

“Working for Choice is one of the best things to happen to me as i feel appreciated. This reinforces my love for the job and motivates me to put 100% effort in everything i do at work. Working for this company has given me the courage to do a course to become a nurse as i am getting all the experience required in the field. I have to say that i am grateful to be part of this great company which value human life and give opportunities to everyone.”

“I have to say, they never lose sight of who they support. Plus the  support of the workers. I have found them to be a good company to work for. I have worked in management and now support working, as I slow now to retire.”

“Involved in a whistleblowing incident, management were brilliant.”

For independent reviews from staff visit the Indeed website

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