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What love means to you?

David who is supported by mcch was asked what love means to him as part of mcch's Supported Loving campaign.

Dr Claire Bates,Choice Support's Quality Analyst and founder of Supported Loving, has teamed up with our colleagues at mcch to launch their own Supported Loving campaign. mcch aim to raise funds for more social events for people they support.

Claire was interviewed by KMTV as part of this launch.  She says "the aim of Supported Loving is to raise awareness of just how important love and relationships are to people with learning disabilities... mcch are 100% behind Supported Loving.  They will be setting up singles nights around Kent so people can get together, be in a safe environment where they can meet people and find someone.  Generally people with learning disabilities find it very difficult to find a partner because they need support to go on dates and go places.  So this is a way of bringing people together and finding some relationships and matches." 

Both Choice Support and mcch believe people with learning disabilities have the right to fall in love and have relationships if they want to.  We recognise our responsibility to provide support that helps make this happen.

mcch started their campaign by asking people they support what love means to them and how important it is in their lives?  Many people they spoke to thought it was so important that mcch are now raising funds to support people to meet potential new friends and partners at singles events text LOVE35£5 to 70070 to donate £5 to their campaign.

Watch Claire's interview with KMTV.



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