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Housing services

Janette says “I’ve moved to a new flat. I get the support I need. I wanted my own space. I wanted my own life. I’ve got that now. I have my own pets, my own space.”

When her mother approached us Jane had been living in respite for two years, and couldn’t find anywhere suitable to live.

Jane had always found it hard to live with others, and was evicted from her last home for attacking a fellow resident. Jane’s mother thought that the shared placements the local authority were offering Jane weren’t suitable. She wanted Jane to have her own flat, but nothing suitable could be found. We proposed shared ownership and suggested a specialist housing provider who then worked with the local authority to identify a suitable flat that Jane could part buy/part rent using her benefits.


The local authority assessed Jane’s support needs and agreed a personal budget, but wanted a large local provider to manage the service. Jane’s mother, however, wasn’t happy and chose Choice Support instead. While working with Jane’s mother and the local authority to plan support – including financial management and recruiting a staff team – we introduced Jane to her new flat. She chose all the furniture and colour schemes using pictures she cut out from catalogues.

Three years on and Jane is settled and happy. She has her own budget, can control her environment and has her own stable and consistent staff team. And she has the security of part-owning her home.

Finding the right house can be stressful for all of us. At Choice Support we offer specialist housing consultancy services for people with learning disabilities, their families and other organisations. We can help people to buy properties and may where appropriate be able to offer shared ownership arrangements. We do what many estate agents do, but unlike most estate agents we work specifically with people with learning disabilities.

These are some of the services our housing team can offer:

  • Support for vulnerable people with their tenancy rights, including acting as a go between with the landlord or housing association. We take referrals from family members, social services, staff directly supporting an individual and the citizens advice bureau.
  • Managing money and benefits. We are currently corporate appointee for over 120 vulnerable people. We help people identify benefits they are entitled to, fill in forms and talk to the benefits agency on people’s behalf. We take referrals from family members, social services, lawyers, and the Department for Work and Pensions.
  • Housing management services to landlords, including interior decoration, furnishing, day to day maintenance and rent collection.

If you are interested in any of these services, or would like other help with housing issues, please get in touch.

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