Supported Loving toolkit

Aids and equipment

Aids and equipment

People have a right to support around their sexuality, which includes finding appropriate equipment and aids to facilitate sexual activities.


SWAD (Sex With A Difference)

SWAD Sex & Intimacy Card. This is a great icebreaker to start any awkward conversations! (Picture image for use on your mobile phone – just download it to your photo gallery) – It is free to share as much as you like as long as it remains the same as the original.

SHADA (Sexual Health and Disability Alliance)

SHADA’s mission is to support and facilitate the sex and relationship needs of all people with disabilities and is campaigning to remove the stigma attached.

TLC Trust

The TLC Trust is a branch of The Outsiders Trust, which is a social, peer support and dating club, run by and for people with invisible and visible disabilities. This branch of the charity focuses on the provision of sexual and intimate services that are paid for by clients to service providers.

SWAD (Sex With A Difference)

SWAD (Sex With A Difference) is a training organisation specialising in the area of disability and sex.


Products and services aimed at enhancing one’s physical, mental and sexual wellbeing.

Enhance the UK, Love Lounge

Down to earth advice, and practical tips on sex, relationships and flirting. This has a lot of resources in BSL for people with hearing impairments.

Disability Horizons

Disability Horizons touches on every facet of disabled people’s lives. Articles aim to give you self-esteem, upskill you with invaluable knowledge and ultimately, enable you to achieve your goals.

Pleasure Garden

The Pleasure Garden is the UK’s inclusive sex shop. They believe that everyone – regardless of gender, sexuality or disability has a right to a fulfilling sex life. Pleasure is important.

Top Sex toys for disabled users

If you have a disability that makes intercourse, foreplay, or masturbation tricky, you may find one of our top sex toys listed here can enhance your sexual happiness.

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Supported Loving toolkit

The Supported Loving network has produced a series of guides to help support people with issues surrounding sexuality and relationships.

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What Is Supported Loving

What is Supported Loving?

For some people finding love is often more than just chemistry – it can come down to getting the right support

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Supported Loving network

Supported Loving is not a formal membership organisation. Anyone can take part, it is free.

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