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We provide support to people living in their own homes. Where you live may be described as a service in registered care, supported living or outreach. To us, what is most important is that it’s your home.

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The Maples is a bespoke design creating a safe and homely place to live. David Holt, Chief Housing Officer.

Working in partnership with Nottinghamshire Council and NHS England, with funding from Transforming Care, we are proud to present our latest housing development.

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Mayman Lane is opening
Our second transforming care development, Mayman Lane, is completed.

We've just opened Mayman Lane in Batley, Yorkshire. This housing development was built in partnership with Kirkless Council and NHS England and funded through a Transforming Care grant of £1.8 million.

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Housing development Holly Lodge
It’s a robust homely building using design and technology to help manage behaviours that challenge. Holly Lodge, Hildenborough Kent

Holly Lodge was built in 2013 and provides a stepping stone into the community for people with very complex challenging behaviours.

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Safe accommodation for children in Kent. The Nest in Ashford, Kent.

We worked in partnership with Kent County Council (KCC) to develop The Nest as part of the NHS Transforming Care programme.

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Housing developments

We are currently focusing our building development to meet the NHS Transforming Care programme.

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Housing management

Our housing officers manage tenancies, do tenancy sign ups, collect rent and oversee any issues.

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