Your support - easy read

Er Your Support Independent

We can help you to be as independent as you can be.

Things like:

Er Your Support Cook Meals

Supporting you to cook your own meals.

Er Your Support Look After Yourself

Supporting you to look after yourself.

Er Your Support House Clean And Tidy

Supporting you to keep your house clean and tidy.

Er Your Support Pay Bills

Supporting you to pay your bills.

Er Your Support Activities In Community

Supporting you to do activities in your community.

Like going to church, swimming or joining a gym.

Er Your Support Registered Care

You may need a lot of support to live in your home.

We call this type of service registered care.

Er Your Support More Choice

You may want more choice and independence living at home.

We call this type of service supported living.

Er Your Support Supported Living

In a supported living service, you will have a tenancy.

You can read more about tenancies by clicking here.

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Our chatbot Justice gives free legal advice on care.

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