Staying safe - easy read

Er Staying Safe Going Out

It is important to get out and about and do different things.

But, we must stay safe when we are doing these things.

Er Staying Safe Disability Hate Crime

A disability hate crime is when somebody is mean to you, because of your disability.

Er Staying Safe Types Of Hate Crime

Types of hate crime:

Physical attacks.
Damage to property.
Offensive graffiti.
Threats of attack.

Er Staying Safe What Must I Do

What must you do?

Er Staying Safe Speak To Police

Speak to a police officer or PCSO.

You can do this at your local police station.

Er Staying Safe Call 101

Call 101 if it is not an emergency.

Er Staying Safe Call 999

Call 999 if it is an emergency.

Er Staying Safe Report It

Report your crime through True Vision:

Your report will go to your local police station.

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We run a project about hate crime, called Jigsaw.

Click here to read about Jigsaw (it is not in easy read).

Er Staying Safe Publication

Staying safe

Read our booklet about keeping safe.

Chatbot first draft

Our chatbot Justice gives free legal advice on care.

Learn how to use Justice: About the chatbot, Are you at risk

Talk to Justice: chatbot