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Er Tuck By Truck Locations

We have 3 Tuck by Trucks:

These are in:

Herne Bay
and Erith.

Tuck By Truck Snack Box For Website 2019

We deliver snack trays to companies.

Er Tuck By Truck Pay Into Donation Box

The staff buy snacks and put money into a donation box.

Er Tuck By Truck Make New Friends

You may meet new friends.

Er Tuck By Truck Price Snacks

You may need to put a price sticker on the snacks.

PWS Sarah Tuck by Truck

You may have to put the snacks into boxes.

Er Tuck By Truck Money To Bank

You may need to get the money ready to go to the bank.

Er Tuck By Truck Training

We will give you training.

This helps you to know what to do.

PWS Tuck by Truck Leanne

"I really love going out on the vans and sorting the boxes. I love working and making friends here."


PWS Kim Tuck by Truck

“I love going out on the vans to different customers. I count the money and make sure the customers are happy! I hope to get a part-time job soon."


Er Tuck By Truck Call

Call us

Aylesford: 01622 718867
Erith: 01322 338659
Herne Bay: 01227 360762

Er Have Your Say Email

Email us

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Herne Bay

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